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The Plumbing program prepares students to begin a career in plumbing and pipe fitting. Coursework provides technical understanding of Plumbing Technology and skills development. Coursework integrates theory and practical experience. Through the Plumbing program, the student develops skills in water systems, piping procedures, plumbing and piping systems, residential and commercial system installations, blueprint reading and sketching, and heating systems installations. The successful graduate is eligible for employment in an advanced apprenticeship level in a variety of businesses found in rural and metropolitan areas.

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Program Accreditation

Program Accreditation

College Accreditation

Northland Community & Technical College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

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Program Specific Requirements

Students achieving assessment scores below the established minimums must register and successfully complete (with a grade of C or better) the required developmental courses in order to meet graduation requirements.

The program minimum scores for the Accuplacer Assessment test are as follows:
Reading Comprehension: 46
Arithmetic: 50

Program Course Listings

Required Courses

Course # Course Name Credits
BLDG 1102 Construction Safety 1 credits
BLDG 1106 Grades/Cap/Elec Calc 3 credits
BLDG 1114 Blueprint Reading I 2 credits
HEAT 2214 Hydronic Heating Sys 4 credits
PLBG 1104 Bldg Sewers/Drainage Sys 3 credits
PLBG 1108 Plumbing/Piping Drawings 2 credits
PLBG 1110 Copper Pipe Procedures 2 credits
PLBG 1112 Plastic Pipe Procedures 2 credits
PLBG 1114 Steel Pipe Procedures 3 credits
PLBG 1116 Plumbing Theory/Sys 3 credits
PLBG 1118 State Plbg Code Interpret 1 credits
PLBG 1120 Residential Plbg Install 3 credits
PLBG 1122 Plbg Repair/Service Work 2 credits
  Program Specific Electives ( *See Elective Course Options Listed Below ) 3 credits
TOTAL CREDITS: 34 credits

Program Specific Elective Course Options


Electives for this program may be selected from the following list of courses below. Need help? Schedule an appointment with a Northland Academic Advisor for assistance in selecting courses.

Course # Course Name Credits
#MNTE3MN Transfer Elective 3 credits
SSCI 1101Human Relations 3 credits

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Program Learner Outcomes

1. Student will demonstrate appropriate safety practices and procedures at all times in the classroom, shop, and building sites as required by the plumbing industry.
2. Student will demonstrate professional workplace habits including punctuality, attitudes, behaviors, and craftsmanship expected of the plumbing industry.
3. Student will draw and interpret symbols and blueprints accurately for a variety of residential and commercial plumbing projects.
4. Student will apply appropriate professional design and installation techniques to residential and commercial plumbing systems.
5. Student will estimate accurately cost and site management required for a variety of plumbing construction projects.
6. Student will demonstrate effective oral and written communications with all clients and customers with respect for diversity of culture, age and gender.

Employment Outlook & Opportunities

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There are a variety of career opportunities for graduates of the plumbing program. Graduates have the option of working for a commercial or residential plumbing contractor as they complete their apprenticeship training. The plumbing trade offers challenging and interesting work for those with the desire to work as designers, installers, and troubleshooters. The opportunity for advancement to master plumber status to operate their own business also exists.

The employment outlook for plumbers and pipefitters in the state of Minnesota from 2010 to 2020 is 41%, a very high growth career.

Program Faculty

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