Imagery Analysis

  • Credits: 30
  • Degree Type: Certificate
  • Campus: Thief River Falls, Online

Program Learner Outcomes

  1. Student will define the role of UAV's as they pertain to imagery analysis.
  2. Student will describe the roles and responsibilities of an imagery analyst in military and civilian sectors.
  3. Student will describe the purposes of Full Motion Video and still imagery.
  4. Student will prepare and present written and oral imagery information reports based on imagery information extraction.
  5. Student will apply image manipulation techniques through approriate computer software programs.
  6. Student will demonstrate the process of identifying key interpretaton features located on imagery objectives.
  7. Student will identify platforms and sensors and explain their capabilities utilized in the collection of imagery.
  8. Student will identify mapping systems and the association between maps and imagery.
  9. Student will identify and extract imagery data for the purpose of communicating imagery information.
  10. Student will compare and contrast archived imagery information for the purpose of situational assessments within the imaged area.