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SSCI 1101 - Human Relations

(Credits: 3)

Course Description:

This course allows students to gain an awareness of and improve upon personal and professional relationships, especially those appropriate to the workplace. This course also examines studentsí current levels of self-awareness, communication skills, and abilities to adapt to a dynamic workforce. Students will assess their abilities to prevent or resolve conflicts, to gain self-efficacy, and their skills to form and to maintain healthy, productive, and professional relationships needed to contribute to their career success and quality of life they envision for themselves. The self-awareness and self-growth gained in this course will allow students to make decisions that are right for them in terms of needs, goals, values, and career success.






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Program Course Listings

Required Courses

Course # Course Name Credits
AUMO 1103 Intro to Auto Service 2 credits
AUMO 1109 Steering & Suspenson 3 credits
AUMO 1111 Brakes 5 credits
AUMO 1112 Ignition/Tune-up 3 credits
AUMO 1116 Basic Elec & Battery 3 credits
AUMO 1118 Starting/Charging Sys 3 credits
AUMO 1125 Driveline/Clutch/Manual 4 credits
AUMO 1133 Auto HVAC 3 credits
AUMO 1134 Wheel Alignment 3 credits
AUMO 1138 Hybrid Vehicle Systems 1 credits
AUMO 2202 Body Electrical 3 credits
AUMO 2204 Auto Computers 3 credits
AUMO 2207 Fuels/Injection/Emissions 5 credits
AUMO 2208 Engine Theory/Diagnostics 4 credits
AUMO 2210 Driveability 4 credits
AUMO 2212 Auto Transmission/Axle I 5 credits
AUMO 2233 Engine Overhaul Lab 4 credits
CPTR 1100 Computer Basics 1 credits
CRLT 2103 Job Seeking/Keeping 1 credits
HPER 1410 First Aid/CPR 1 credits
SSCI 1101 Human Relations 3 credits
TOTAL CREDITS: 64 credits

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