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Program Learner Outcomes

1. Student will demonstrate professional workplace habits including punctuality, etiquette, dress, attitude, and manners appropriate for administrative support personnel.
2. Student will utilize appropriate computer software efficiently and accurately to perform office tasks required in a business setting.
3. Student will use proper keyboarding and machine transcription techniques efficiently and accurately.
4. Student will demonstrate ergonomic principles and safe practices when using computer technology.
5. Student will apply standard organizational skills to the management of projects, daily schedules, work priorities, and multiple tasks.
6. Student will demonstrate critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, independently or within team situations.
7. Student will apply the principles of Standard English and vocabulary to written and oral communications.
8. Student will demonstrate interpersonal skills through effective listening, written and oral communications in diverse situations.
9. Student will create and use standard electronic and manual filing systems.
10. Student will record and analyze business transactions and financial documents related to the accounting cycle.
11. Student will use a variety of file transfer options and install a variety of software.
12. Student will demonstrate professional customer service.