Student Life Announcement

Be The Match- Bone Marrow Donation. March 29~31, 2016

How to register as a bone marrow donor
Registering to become a bone marrow donor is easy. RN nursing club will have a booth to help you:
• Schedule:
 3-29-2016 01:00PM ~ 02:30PM, (TRF campus, Common areas)
 3-30-2016 11:00AM ~ 01:30 PM (EGF campus, Common areas)
 3-31-2016 11:00AM ~12:30 PM (Aerospace campus)
• Procedure:
 1). Fill out a short medical questionnaire
 2). Sign a consent
 3). Swab a cheek
Donors are under no obligation after registration. They can ask to have their name removed from the registry at any time.