Stationery is one of the College's most widely used communication tools. Its components are designed to create a consistent visual identity.

It is essential that all stationery items be of consistent design and print quality. A variety of official templates are available for use on the college N drive, which provide a flexible stationery system for the College. No other means of producing stationery is allowed.

Guidelines for Stationery Templates:

  • Avoid abbreviations.
  • Avoid hyphens.
  • Avoid including ‘http://’ in your web address.
  • Evenly distribute words between lines (i.e., don’t leave a word alone on a line).
  • Be sure to use official department/office names and titles.
  • Be consistent. For instance, if you are using ampersands or hyphens, use them throughout.


The official college letterhead/stationery is now only available on the college N drive in the following directory location:

N:\Marketing Communications\Documents\Stationery

Fax Sheet Covers

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