Northland Logo Downloads

It is the desire of Northland to effectively use our logo to establish a clear, recognizable identity in the public. We want our complete logo to become a symbol of Northland's promise of inspiring student success, cultivating quality and revolutionizing growth.

Logo No-Nos

We appreciate your conscientious use of our logo. When using the logo in your documents and presentations, you may need to resize the logo. Please make sure the logo is NOT stretched or misshapen in any way (As shown below).

Bad Logos

The Logo Must Be Present on All College Communications

As the primary graphic identity for the college, the master logo must appear on all communications, including brochures, stationery, business cards, and the College website.

Give the Logo Its Own Space

Balance is an essential feature of good design. Graphics, imagery, and text must all be balanced on the page so that each is able to speak clearly. Placing any element too close to the master logo diminishes its importance.

Logo Types

The logos are laid out either horizontally or vertically and are offered in either full color, black or white. Please choose the appropriate color and layout which best fits your document.

The logos are organized into two selections of PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files for your use (High-Res and Low-Res). PNG files provide better quality than a typical JPG format, and have a transparent background. These files should work fine in Word, PowerPoint and other programs. Which file you need depends upon your use.

Simple Guildelines on Use


If you are going to use the logo in a document that will be printed, it is recommended that you download and use the High-Res files. These files are 300 dpi (Dots Per Inch) and will give your document the best resolution and print quality. These files are larger in dimension, file-size and dpi quality.


If you are going to use the logo in a PowerPoint presentation or on the web, it is recommended that you use the Low-Res files. These files are 72 dpi and are the industry standard for files that are used on PowerPoint presentations and online graphic files. These files are smaller in dimension, file-size and dpi quality.

If you plan on handing out a printed copy of your PowerPoint notes, you should still be able to use the 72 PNG file. If the printed logo looks pixilated, then try replacing the file with the High-Res file.


If you are going to use the logo on a large document such as a poster, please use the High-Res 300 PNG files. If this logo is too small and you need to enlarge it through resizing it, please make sure the final image doesn't become pixilated.

Please contact Creative Services if you have any questions on the use of this logo download page or Northland's logo.