MN Transfer Curriculum Forms

If you are proposing a course to be part of the NCTC Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MNTC), you must do the following:

  1. Select from the MNTC goals listed below (no more than two) and student competencies (at least half plus one) that this course meets. It is recommended that if two goals are identified, one be a theme goal (from goals 7-10).
    For each competency the following must be addressed;
  2. Complete the appropriate MNTC forms found on the NCTC intranet under forms.
  3. Complete a common course outline for all new courses.
  4. Modify an existing common course outline if necessary to reflect any changes made to the course regarding MNTC.
  5. Documentation regarding course equivalency at MNSCU or local 4 year institutions must accompany submission of forms.