Class Rosters/ No Shows/ Withdrawals


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A class roster lists all of the students who have registered for a course.  Class rosters are distributed to instructors three times during the semester (Day 1, Day 5, and Final) and are also available online at any time throughout the semester (see login instructions below).  Instructors are expected to review the rosters for accuracy, to report NO SHOWS as directed on the forms, to contact the Registrar's office to make any other necessary changes, and to submit final grades.  This page includes information about the following topics.


Login Instructions to View Class Rosters

1.       Go to

2.       Click on eServices on the top right of the home page.

3.       Click Northland College faculty and staff sign in here (link at top of page)

4.       Select your campus.

5.       Enter your username(this is your Tech ID number)

6.       Enter your password (this is your birth date YYMMDD, unless you have changed it).

7.       If it is your first time logging in, you will have to change your password.

8.       Once logged in, click on Class Management on the left hand side of the page.

9.       Then click on Class Lists.



First-Day Attendance Rosters

The first-day attendance roster is distributed on the first day of the semester.  The instructor should call roll from this roster and any students not appearing on the roster should be reminded to register for the class (unless it is full).  It is important that accurate attendance be taken, especially for the first five days of the semester, as all NO SHOW students must be correctly reported on the "Fifth Day" Attendance Roster (see below).


Class Adds and Drops

During the first five days of a semester, the class rosters are not official.  During this time period, students can add and drop classes without penalty (without it being recorded on their permanent record).  Students must secure instructor permission to add a course that has no open seats remaining.  Instructors can, at their discretion and space permitting, allow up to two students into the class beyond the published course capacity.  Courses dropped after the first 5 days and before the 60% point of the semester will be recorded on the transcript as a "Withdrawal" (see the "Withdrawal from a Class" section for further information).  Courses cannot be dropped after the 90% point of the semester.


Fifth Day Attendance Roster

The second roster is distributed on the 5th day of the semester.  This is the last day during which students can register for a course (without special permission).  The instructor must review this roster, mark any students who have not shown up for any class meetings as NO SHOWS on the roster, and return the form to the Registrar's Office by the requested deadline. (If a student has attended at least one class, he/she is not marked as a NO SHOW). Any students who are not on this roster should be sent to the Registrar's office. 

Review and submission of this roster to the Registrar's Office is particularly important for reflecting the NO SHOWS.   This information is very important in determining financial aid awards.  The 5th Day Attendance Roster MUST be returned on time and MUST be accurate!


Official Class Roster

Faculty can access their class roster through e-services.  This list will reflect those students who are officially enrolled in the course (no shows and students who have been academically suspended will have been removed from the list).  Students who are not on this list may not attend class per college policy.

Current class lists (Official Roster) can be found at any time on the Web.  Logging into this site requires your Faculty ID (also known as a Tech ID) and password.  From this site, faculty members can access class lists, enter Last Date of Attendance Information, and enter Final Grades.  This site can be accessed from the Northland College Page (Faculty & Staff page) or by using the following links:


Last Date of Attendance Reporting

At the 60% point of the semester, faculty are notified via email to post the Last Date of Attendance for students that are no longer attending class.  The Last Date of Attendance should be entered for any student that has not attended class from the midterm date through this 60% point of the semester.  Faculty are asked to enter the Last Date of Attendance on the ISRS Grade Entry screen (ISRS Web Services).



This request from the Registrar is federally driven and required to be in compliance with Federal policies governing Title IV Financial Aid regulations.  At the 60% time-period of the semester, a student's financial aid is re-calculated and adjusted accordingly based on their attendance. 


Withdrawal From a Class

When a student drops a class during the first 5 days of a semester, it's as if the student was never registered for the class (it does not show up on a transcript and the student is not financially liable for the class).  

After the 5th day, a student may withdraw from a class by contacting the Registrar's office and filling out the appropriate form.  A student who withdraws or "drops" a class after the 5th day but prior to the 90% point of the semester (known on the calendar as the Last Day to Withdraw), is financially liable for the class and the class will appear on the official transcript.  A grade of "W" will appear on the transcript for classes a student has withdrawn from.


Final Class Roster

Faculty can access their class roster through e-services.  Final grades should be reported on these rosters, and the completed, signed rosters should be returned to the Registrar's Office.  Grades for courses should be recorded as A, B, C, D, F or I (Incomplete).  Students who have stopped coming to class but have not officially withdrawn from the course are given the grade earned (which is usually a grade of F).  

Please proofread your roster carefully before you turn it in.  You may want to make a copy of the roster for your records prior to submission.  Submitting the roster by the requested deadline is very important since all grades for each campus must be reported before time-sensitive reports related to student probation/ suspension can be processed.


Additional information about grading is included in the section titled Final Grades.