Academic Information - Table of Contents



  1. Important Dates
  • Academic Calendar
  • Final Exam Schedule
  1. Course Syllabus & Required Texts
  • What is a Course Syllabus
  • Common Course Outline vs. Course Syllabus
  • Creating Your Course Syllabus
  • Required Texts
  • Academic Standards/ Academic Honesty
  • Class Attendance
  • Final Exams
  1. Class Rosters/ No Shows/ Withdrawals
  • First-Day Attendance Rosters
  • Class Adds and Drops
  • Fifth Day Attendance Roster
  • Official Class Roster
  • Last Date of Attendance Reporting
  • Withdrawal From a Class
  • Final Class Roster
  1. Grading
  • Academic Grading Scale
  • Posting Grades
  • Grade of Incomplete
  • Submission of Final Grades
  • Grade Changes
  • Grade Appeals
  1. Classroom Procedures
  • Classroom Assignment/ Meeting Times
  • First Day of Class
  • Student Code of Conduct
  • Early Alert Process
  • Student Evaluation of Classes
  1. Student Rights and Services
  • Student Handbook
  • Confidentiality
  • Counseling Services
  • Learning Services
  • Students with Disabiltiies



Questions about any of the information included in this section should be directed to your supervisor – in most instances this will be the Academic Dean.  Other good resources are any of the full-time faculty in the department, the program director/ department chair, or division chair.