Employment Information


The best place to look for all employment information is the NCTC Human Resources web page.  It includes information that addresses some of the more commonly asked questions from new faculty.  The Employee Handbook also provides comprehensive information about various employment issues.

 The information listed in this section covers some of the most commonly asked questions from new faculty.


Employee ID Number

A state employee ID number is assigned at time of hire.  The eight-digit state employee ID number is listed on the Notice of Appointment letter that comes via US Mail from the Human Resources Department.  Your employee ID number is used for logging into the State Employee site to access payroll information.  This number is also needed for completion of any employee expense reimbursement forms.

 If you don't know your employee ID number, contact Diane Rapacz in the Human Resources department.


Please Note:  The Employee ID number is different than your Tech ID number.  The Tech ID number is used for accessing class lists and submitting grades.


Pay Day

Paychecks are distributed according to a pay period schedule set by the Department of Finance. Employees are paid bi-weekly; every other Friday is payday.


Accessing Your Pay Stub Information

Employees can access their paystub information from the state website at (www.state.mn.us/employee). To access the information, sign in using your eight-digit employee ID number and password.  Initially, the password must be at least eight characters. Employees are able to change their own password at any time. You may receive notification when a password change is required.


Direct Deposit

All state employees receive their pay via direct deposit. Direct deposit ensures that your pay is deposited in your bank account on payday Friday. The direct deposit authorization form is available on the employee self service website (www.state.mn.us/employee) under other payroll – payroll forms, or by contacting the Human Resources Department.


Business Expense Reimbursement

Information on mileage and meal reimbursement can be found in the Employee Handbook.  The reimbursement form is located in the Virtual Office (under Forms = Human Resources = Employee Expense Report).


Professional Development

Employees are encouraged to participate in job-related professional development activities.  Various programs are offered through the college and adjunct faculty are welcome to attend.  Professional development opportunities are announced via email and/or flyers placed in faculty mailboxes.

 Check with your supervisor to determine if reimbursement is available for attending conferences held off-campus.