Health, Safety, and Security

Campus Closing due to Weather or Other Emergency


The authority to close the college campus when weather or other emergency exists resides with the president or the president's designee. The closure of state agencies by the Commissioner of the Department of Employee Relations does not apply to MnSCU institutions.  When a college closing is declared, all employees except weather essential employees are excused from work with pay. A college closure applies to all employees, without regard to labor contracts. However, the essential emergency employees who are not excused from work will be paid at their regular rate of pay. A declaration of a college closure will clearly identify the time frame when employees are excused from work. Employees are instructed to listen to radio and television stations when storms or emergency situations might carry over from one day into two or more days.


Notification of Cancellation or Closing

The president or designee will notify radio and television stations of events such as a campus closure. The message given to these stations will indicate whether it is a cancellation or closure. Employees then must follow the state policies regarding cancellation or closure.  Whenever possible, decisions to cancel day classes will be made by approximately 6:00 a.m., and decisions to cancel night classes or activities will be made by 3 p.m. In certain emergencies, an effort will be made to announce closures or cancellations prior to the 10 p.m. television newscasts.

The list of local and regional radio and television stations that will be contacted are:



Call Letters




Call Letters




Thief River Falls

1230 AM




1480 AM/

107.1 FM


Thief River Falls

1460 AM



Grand Forks

107.5 FM



100.3 FM



Grand Forks

1310 AM/

94.7 FM


Thief River Falls

99.3 FM



Grand Forks

97.1 FM



90.1 FM



Grand Forks

1590 AM



1410 AM



Grand Forks

96.1 FM



102 FM



Grand Forks

1440 AM



1260 AM



Grand Forks

104.3 FM



92.5 FM









Channel 11


Grand Forks/ Devils Lake

Channel 8


Grand Forks/ Fargo

Channel 4

Local Cable

Thief River Falls

Channel 3 & 13


Other Emergency Conditions

Other emergencies covered by this procedure would include such things as: fire, tornado, bomb threats, other serious problems related to mechanical or electrical systems, or any other extremely hazardous situation in or around the campus.

Campus Security

Northland Community and Technical College has made every effort to provide a safe and secure work and learning environment by illuminating its parking lots at night. When you leave the building in the evening, for your personal safety we recommend you walk to your car in pairs or in a group. If no one else is available, you may ask the on-duty security officer to escort you.  Security officers are available on each campus Monday through Thursday evenings when classes are in session from 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.  The telephone number for the security officers is as follows:


                East Grand Forks                                218-791-0469

                Thief River Falls                  218-684-5915 and 218-684-5916


Children on Campus

The following is an excerpt from Children on Campus (Policy 1075):

 Due to disruption and possible risk of harm, employees and students may not provide care for children or have another person provide care for children on the College campus.  Employees and students may not bring children to scheduled work assignments, class, computer labs, or the library.

 Children are welcome on campus for appropriate events and must be supervised.



It is the goal of Northland Community and Technical College to provide the employees and students with a safe and healthy work environment. Contact the college's Safety Officer, Julie Fenning, for concerns about physical hazards, electrical hazards, fires and explosions, means of exit from buildings and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).  Northland Community and Technical College also has a Safety Committee on each campus with a purpose to promote awareness of safety on campus.


On-the-Job Injuries

All NCTC employees are covered by workers compensation provisions if they are injured during the course of official business. When you have been injured on the job, notify your supervisor immediately so that the process of caring for your injury may begin. A serious injury must be reported to the Department of Employee Relations within 48 hours after it occurs. A first report of injury is to be completed by contacting Kristi Lane on the TRF campus.  A first report of injury form must be completed and submitted to Human Resources within 24 hours of injury.  Medical practitioners must be notified that the injury was sustained on the job.

 The designated clinics for evaluating and treatment of worker's compensation related injuries for each campus is as follows:

East Grand Forks:

Altru Clinic Grand Forks

     Altru Health System

     1000 South Columbia Road

     Grand Forks, ND  58206



Thief River Falls:

Sanford Health  - Thief River Falls

     1720 Highway 59 SE

     Thief River Falls, MN  56701




Incident Reports

The State of Minnesota requires that any incident that happens on campus or off campus that could result in litigation against the State of Minnesota or any of its employees or agents be reported. The incident report should be filled out immediately or as soon as possible after the incident occurs and turned in to the Business Office on either campus.  The report should be filled out by the person(s) witnessing the event or the person to whom it was first reported.   The Incident Report Form can be found in the Employee Virtual Office (under Forms = Human Resources = Incident Report Form).