Mail and Electronic Communication

Campus/ US Mail

Each faculty member is given a campus mailbox.  Please check it regularly as various college/ campus announcements are delivered directly to employee mailboxes.   US Mail is also processed through the NCTC mail rooms.  In order to send out US Mail, a cost center code must be included on the envelope.  Check with your supervisor to obtain the cost center code for your department.

Campus mail is the property of NCTC and no guarantee of confidentiality can be assumed.  The employee should not receive personal mail, such as bills or magazines, at work.


Email and the NCTC Computer System

The NCTC college campuses are networked with wireless access available from almost anywhere on either campus.  Access is available to both the college Intranet and the Internet.  NCTC uses Microsoft Outlook for email, which is accessed from the Internet.  You will automatically receive an email address when hired.  It is possible to log into the NCTC Intranet from a remote location with the proper equipment, software and access codes.  Training in the use of Microsoft Outlook Mail is available through the Information Technology Department.

The email system is the property of NCTC and no guarantee of confidentiality can be assumed.


How To Access E-mail From Home

To access your college e-mail from home you must have internet access and a password set on your Microsoft Outlook e-mail account and then follow these procedures:


§  Access the internet: Type in the address bar and hit enter. 

§  Click the Employees tab from the Most Popular Links section of the home page and click WebMail sign-in.

§  Enter your username and password in the same manner as using your on-campus computer for your e-mail account at work.


Virtual Office

NCTC uses a "Virtual Office" which is a place on the Intranet where employees and students can go to access college resources from home or on campus.  There are two different Virtual Office sites.  The Employee Virtual Office is for Employees ONLY and is not accessible to students.  The Student Virtual Office is accessible to both students and employees.


Signing into the Employee Virtual Office: Employees sign into Student Virtual Office the same way.

  1. Go to the College home page.
  2. Hover over MyNCTC/Virtual Office.
  3. Click on Employee Virtual Office.
  4. Log in using your Novell log in that you use on campus.

Ø  Username is: First 6 letters of your Last Name and the First 2 letters of your First Name

Ø  Password is: The same as on campus


Detailed information about using the Employee and Student Virtual Office Sites can be found in the Virtual Office Handbook