Building and Equipment Use

Office Assignment

The Academic Dean on each campus makes the office assignments.  Adjunct faculty are assigned office space that provides access to a computer, a phone, desk space and some storage space.


To request keys, contact your supervisor.  All keys must be turned in upon termination of employment.

 All College employees will be issued keys for the areas to which they are assigned or responsible. Please see Bob Gooden on the East Grand Forks campus or Clinton Castle on the Thief River Falls campus to obtain necessary keys.  You will be required to sign for the keys received. It is the responsibility of the employee to safeguard the use of the key(s) assigned. Keys must be returned at the end of the semester or academic year if faculty or staff will not be returning during the next academic period. 

Please notify Bob Gooden at EGF or Clinton Castle at TRF if you lose your keys.   Employees will be charged $25.00 to cover the replacement cost for each lost key.



Northland Community and Technical College charges all employees a parking/access fee to support the operation, maintenance and development of campus parking facilities. Employees may request that the parking fee be taken as a pre-tax payroll deduction or they may pay by cash or personal check. 

 Northland Community and Technical College assumes no responsibility for care of, damage to, and/or protection of any vehicle or its contents at anytime while it is operated or parked on the campus. All vehicles should be locked when left unattended. The college reserves the right to ticket and/or tow at the owner's expense any vehicle in violation of established parking regulations.



All of the vehicles, buildings, offices, restrooms and most entrances to any of the college buildings are non-smoking areas.  Persons who smoke are to do so out-of-doors and only near those entrances designated as smoking entrances.  It is the intent of the college to provide a smoke-free environment for all faculty members, staff, students and guests.


State-Owned Vehicle

The college has a fleet of vehicles available for work related travel. In most cases a vehicle can be checked out from the receptionist. 

 State owned vehicles are for official state business only. Authorized drivers must comply with M.S. 16B.55 and the departments of Finance and Administration policies and procedures regarding use of state vehicles.  Drivers are required to observe all ordinances and laws pertaining to the operation of motor vehicles.  Authorized drivers are state employees; contract employees if authorization to drive a state vehicle is specifically cited in their contract; students who have been granted permission by College administration; and drivers for certain disabled employees with the permission of that employee and the approval of his/her supervisor. All drivers must have in their possession a current and valid driver's license. 

Only authorized persons are permitted to ride in state-owned vehicles. Authorized persons include state employees, other persons participating in state programs or functions, or individuals assisting disabled employees with prior approval as described in the paragraph above. Family members are not allowed in state vehicles.  State-owned vehicles are Smoke-Free.




A telephone directory can be obtained from the campus receptionist.  Updated directories for each campus are sent out via email on a regular basis.  The complete college directory can be found online.

To make long distance phone calls, a long distance ID code is required.  This code must be requested from your supervisor.  Long distance codes are issued only as needed to conduct NCTC business. 


The use of long-distance calling for personal use is strictly prohibited. For employees needing to make personal long-distance calls, use of a personal long-distance calling card is recommended. Work related long distance phone calls are to be made by using the assigned long distance ID Code. Long distance ID Codes are to be used for college business only and should not to be shared with anyone. You are responsible for all calls listed under your ID Code.  If it does become necessary to make long distance personal calls they should be reimbursed at .15 per minute plus applicable federal and state tax.  Incoming toll free lines are provided for official business only.  Personal calls using the toll free lines are not authorized.


Use of College Property

College property is provided and maintained to complete assigned tasks.  Property should be treated with care and used according to standard procedures.  You should take appropriate security measures when leaving a work area unattended.  Employees are prohibited from using State time, supplies or equipment for their private use or other non-state business uses. Misuse of the State telephone service, computer communications or State equipment and/or property can result in disciplinary action, including termination, as well as repayment for unauthorized usages. In addition, employees who violate this statute may be subject to criminal prosecution.