Day-to-Day Operations

Absence – Faculty

All employees are asked to report an absence due to illness or other unanticipated reasons to their immediate supervisor prior to the start of their scheduled shift/day. In addition, an "Absent from Regular Duty form must be completed and submitted.   This form can be found in the Employee Virtual Office (look under Forms = Human Resource Forms = Absent From Regular Duty). 

Work with your Division Chair or Dean for assistance covering absences in advance, if possible. 


      If you must miss a class on short notice because of illness or emergency, notify the switchboard or receptionist who will post a notice for the students and will post a class cancellation notice on the college web site.




Northland Community and Technical College operates a College bookstore on each campus for the convenience of both our students and employees. All students and employees are encouraged to purchase books and supplies through these facilities. Textbooks and general supplies are available in the bookstores as well as tools and equipment for specific occupational programs.


Business Cards

Business cards can be obtained by submitting a completed request form to the Director of Public Relations.  The form can be obtained in the Employee Virtual Office (look under Forms = Marketing/PR = Business Card Order Form).


Cost Center Code

Each college department and program is assigned a cost center code for budgeting and purchasing.  This code is used to:

o   make copies on the college copiers (code is punched into the copier to gain access)

o   send mail (code is written on the envelope near the return address)

o   charge supplies in the bookstore (code is given to the bookstore staff)

o   order equipment/ supplies from an outside vendor (code is entered on the purchase order)


To obtain the cost center code you are to use for your classes, contact the department/ division chair or your supervisor.


 Office Assistance


Limited faculty support is available for assistance with various office duties.  Faculty support personnel are listed in the Quick Contact Info list found at the beginning of this handbook.



Office Hours

Adjunct faculty are not required to keep office hours, but students are very appreciative when adjunct faculty make themselves available outside of class.  If you know you will be on campus outside of class hours, inform the students so they can make contact with you in an adjunct office or elsewhere on campus.  If you are comfortable with students calling you at home or some alternate number, you may provide that phone number on the syllabus (but do so with caution).  If you have an email address, you may provide that address to your students as another convenient way for them to communicate with you.  It is strongly suggested that only the college email system be used if possible.


Faculty ID Cards

Faculty ID cards are used on the East Grand Forks campus to gain access to certain classrooms, offices, the mailroom, and other areas.  These photo ID cards are obtained in the EGF campus library.



Northland Community and Technical College libraries support the curriculum, students and employees of the college.  Information about the library hours and services can be found on the Northland College Library page.


Personal Property on Campus

Northland College is not responsible for your personal property brought onto campus.  The College's insurance does not cover such items; however, as a general rule, the individual's homeowner's or renter's insurance usually covers such items (less your deductible).  Check with your agent as to your individual situation.  The college cannot assume reimbursement for the loss or damage of personal items, including autos, for any cause.


Supplies and Equipment

General office supplies, such as pens, notepads, stapler, etc. can be obtained from either campus bookstore. You may not order supplies directly from a store or vendor without following NCTC purchasing guidelines.  Assistance with purchasing supplies/ equipment can be obtained from your department chair/ division chair and from the business office.