Handbook Overview



Welcome to Northland Community and Technical College!


This Adjunct Faculty Orientation Handbook was created to provide answers to commonly asked questions from new faculty.  In addition to providing information about selected college policies and procedures, this handbook also provides a brief overview of some of the usual expectations of faculty (i.e., how and where to submit grades). 

The handbook is designed to be viewed electronically but specific portions of the handbook can be printed off for easy reference. Since the handbook can be more easily navigated in its electronic version, it is suggested that only the necessary pages be printed. 


The Handbook is divided into four broad sections:  Overview, Academic Information, General Information, and Employment Information.  Within each section are many links to various college policies and documents.  You must have an Internet connection to access these links.


College Mission Statement

Northland Community and Technical College is dedicated to creating a quality learning environment for all learners through partnerships with students, communities, businesses, and other educational institutions.


College Vision Statement

Northland Community and Technical College will be widely recognized as a progressive leader in community and technical college education, responsive to the needs of our learners through the use of partnerships, innovation, and technology.


Information published in this handbook was current as of February 2010.  Please be aware that college policies and processes are subject to change.  Check the college web site for the most current information related to college policy and organization.



Questions and/or suggestions for improvement to this handbook should be directed to Elizabeth.mcmahon@northlandcollege.edu