Strategic Enrollment Management

Phase Development

Phase One: Preparation & Data Analysis

  • Review the institutional Strategic Plan
  • Define the scope of the planning process
  • Organize the leaders and participants for a successful process
  • Collect and review data related to current and future state of the institution
  • Conduct data-informed SWOT analysis
  • Define the key performance indicators (KPIs)

Phase Two: Strategy Development

  • Brainstorm strategies to optimize the KPIs
  • Identify the major tactics for each possible strategy (note: Strategies are larger initiatives while tactics are specific action items or activities needed to accomplish or complete a strategy.)
  • Determine estimated costs, impacts, and return on investment (ROI) for each of the possible major tactics
  • Identify additional data collection in order to refine the possible strategies, major tactics, costs, and ROI
  • Prioritize the strategies and major tactics based on attractive ROIs and other considerations

Phase Three: Enrollment Goal Setting & Plan Finalization

  • Conduct enrollment and fiscal projection scenarios
  • Determine multiyear KPI goals based on the most attractive scenario
  • Finalize a written plan
  • Conduct the appropriate approval process for the plan

Phase Four: Plan Implementation & Modification

  • Form SEM Council and Task Groups
  • Thoroughly implement the plan at every level
  • Monitor and evaluate the plan’s outcomes
  • Continue the planning process to align with new data or environmental changes that were unanticipated when the initial plan was created
  • Update the plan based on monitoring, and continuous planning processes