Strategic Enrollment Management

Key Performance Indicators


  • KPI- Increase Enrollment
  • PI- FYE
  • PI- Headcount
  • PI- EGF- FYE & Headcount
  • PI- TRF- FYE & Headcount
  • PI- Distance- FYE & Headcount
  • PI- Funnel Matriculation
  • PI- Program- FYE & Headcount
  • PI- PSEO, CHS, & Dual Credit FYE & Headcount

Student Progress (Retention Task Group)

  • PI- Student Persistence and Completion
  • PI- Completion to Degree

Market Position

  • PI- Website Hits
  • PI- Program Awareness (HS Counselors, Workforce Agencies, Employer Survey)

Academic Programs

  • PI- Placement Rate (program) Graduate Follow-up
  • PI- Employers Survey (program)
  • PI- Transfer Rate (Overall)
  • PI- Licenser Exam Pass Rate (National & State pass rates)

Diversity of subpopulation (Diversity Task Group)

  • PI- Underrepresented (Pell eligible, 1st Generation, students of color)
  • PI- Students of color
  • PI- Non-traditional

Fiscal Health (total revenue and net revenues)

  • PI- Composite Financial Index (CFI)
  • PI- Program Sustainability
  • PI- Annual Scholarships (Foundation)
  • PI- External Funding Sources (Grant and matches)