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College in the High School

Why Enroll in a CHS Course?

Think About It ...

  • Save on gas
  • The sooner you've completed your college course work, the sooner you'll be out earning money
  • A cure for "senioritis"
  • In class with your high school friends
  • Save time! More time to work at your part-time job instead of driving to campus
  • Parents who are very happy about saving some tuition cash

There's A LOT in it for you! For example:

  • Taking CHS courses will allow you to earn college credits and high school credits AT THE SAME TIME.
  • Taking CHS courses will expose you to college-level course work, college-level processes, and college-level academic rigor, and college-level challenges. It'll give you a clue about what lies ahead for you in college.
  • Taking CHS courses will enhance the amount, level and diversity of learning in high school--you will go beyond the traditional high school curriculum--all while staying right at your high school.
  • You can reduce the time required to complete a degree. If you are taking liberal arts and sciences courses through Northland's CHS, for example, you will reduce the time it takes to complete your "generals" in college.
  • Taking college-level courses while in high school has a tendency to promote your self-confidence, a trait that will serve you well as you move on from high school.
  • You will be lowering the cost for you and your parents. YOU DO NOT PERSONALLY PAY tuition for CHS courses.

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