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College in the High School

Who Can Enroll in a CHS Course?

Liberal Arts & General Education Courses:

High school students who wish to take Liberal Arts or General Education courses (Transfer Education) must be a Junior or Senior and have a cumulative 3.00 G.P.A. Students must also take the accuplacer exam.

Technical Courses

Students applying for technical course work will be required to demonstrate that they have the ability to successfully complete college coursework at a C level or higher. Prospective students must take the accuplacer exam.

The following criteria will be reviewed before an admission decision is determined:

  • Coursework Taken in High School
  • GPA
  • Class Rank
  • Test Scores
  • Accuplacer Test Results

In summary, if you have demonstrated upper-level academic abilities and study habits in your high school courses, and you demonstrate a level of responsibility and maturity that is equal to that of a beginning college student, you are probably a candidate for College in the High School course work.

It is important to understand, also, that course content is appropriate for college-level students. Therefore, there may be content in CHS courses that would not be discussed in the same way as it would be discussed in a typical high school classroom.

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