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First Responder

First Responder Refresher – 16 hours

The first responder course is designed to refresh the skills and knowledge of personnel already certified to the level of first responder.  The curriculum is based upon the U. S. Department of Transportation First Responder Refresher published standards and approved by the Minnesota Department of Health.  Students/employees will engage in theory supported by a large amount of experiential instruction.  The prerequisite of this course is Healthcare Provider CPR or its equivalent.

First Responder Training – 40 hours

First Responder Training has been designed to be offered to businesses, service organizations and other clients who desire or are required to establish quick response teams who will respond to an emergency and stabilize a victim before more advanced help can arrive.  The curriculum used in the course meets Minnesota State standards for first responder training, as well as the National Department of Transportation requirements.   A prerequisite for this course is Healthcare Provider CPR or its equivalent.