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Emergency Medical Technician

Emergency Medical Technician-Basic

The Emergency Medical Technician – Basic course follows the current National Standard Curriculum.  This course will include all skills and classroom information necessary to provide emergency care at the Basic Life Support level.  Modules presented include:  preparation of the EMT-B, Airway, Patient Assessment (medical and trauma), Medical/Behavior Emergency and OB/GYN, Trauma, Infants and Children, Ambulance Operations, and Interventions (medications and semi-automatic defibrillation).  Upon successful completion of the EMT-B course of instruction, the student will be eligible to take the State/National Written and Practical Examinations.  Prerequisite:  Healthcare Provider CPR completion. A prerequisite for this course is Healthcare Provider CPR or its equivalent.  A photocopy of the cards need to be presented at the beginning of the class.

Emergency Medical Technician – Basic Refresher

This training course reviews all emergency medical care techniques and material currently considered being necessary to “refresh” the skills of the EMT Basic provider.  The standards and curriculum used in this course are consistent with, or exceed the Emergency Medical Technician – Ambulance Refresher course – National Standard Curriculum as published by the U. S. Department of Transportation. A prerequisite for this course is Healthcare Provider CPR or its equivalent.