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Professional Coaching

' Coaching has become one of the most consistently validated methods of creating behavior change and ensuring that classroom learning is applied to the job real-time.

In service of promoting enhanced long term training impact for individuals and organizations, Northland College has two Gallup-certified Coaches on staff who provide 1:1 performance coaching for leadership training participants.  In addition, private coaching is also available via independent contract to individuals not currently participating in Northland’s training programs.

Through a co-active process of inquiry coaches help individuals improve workplace performance and quality of life by clarifying vision and goals, identifying obstacles, and leveraging personal strengths and strategic partnerships to accelerate success.  Coaches help clients think through the implications of their decisions and actions by presenting alternatives, taking the contrary view, articulating the strongest points of resistance, and connecting the individual with external experiences and insights.

Individuals who experience strengths performance coaching can expect to develop heightened emotional intelligence; identify unique leadership strengths that can lead to heightened organizational effectiveness; mitigate fatal flaws that are undermining personal credibility and productivity; prioritize with greater clarity and focus; and develop situational leadership strategies to effectively influence persons and situations.

An example of typical executive coaching results as published in a 2001 study of Fortune 1000 companies demonstrated 529% organizational ROI and the following specific improvements:

  • Working relationships with direct reports 77%
  • Conflict reduction 52%
  • Working relationships with clients 37%
  • Job satisfaction 61%

Coaching sessions normally last 40 to 60 minutes and are conducted generally by telephone. The agenda is determined by the client's needs and the organizational goals. The content of calls typically includes:

  • Clarification of the client's direction/vision and strengths
  • Review of previous assignments
  • Exploration and identification of obstacles
  • Exploration and identification of strategies to leverage strengths & mitigate weaknesses to increase performance quality
  • Creation of action plans and accountability structures

Participants are expected to come well-prepared for each coaching session.  They can expect to match or exceed their time invested with their dedicated strengths performance coach in customized individual application exercises within the workplace.

Coaching sessions are available by contract in multiple packages.

New ***

Northland College’s Gallup-certified Coaches have recently been recognized by Gallup as offering superior quality coaching, earning the privilege to offer 34 Theme Sequence Strength Performance Coaching to clients who have completed 12 hours of classroom strengths training and/or 6 hours of customized individual 5 Top 5 Theme Strength Performance Coaching.

If you’re interested in actively taking your career to the next level, and meet the above requirements, contact the Center for Outreach and Innovation today!

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