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Pioneer Women's Basketball

MCAC Northern Division Conference

Team History

Season Record Coach Accomplishments
2011-2012 22W-9L Shannon Nelson Northern Division Champions;
Region 13B Champions;
7th Place NJCAA Tournament
2010-2011 15W-13L Shannon Nelson 13B Region Champions;
4th Place State Championship;
5th Place NJCAA Championship
2009-2010 20W-14L Guy Finstrom MCAC Consolation Champions;
Region 13b Champions;
7th place NJCAA Tournament
2008-2009 18W-12L Guy Finstrom MCAC consolation champs
2007-2008 20W-10L Guy Finstrom MCCC State Tournament; Region 13b Runner-Up
2006-2007 15W-18L Guy Finstrom MCCC State Tournament; Region 13b Champions;
7th place NJCAA Tournament
2005-2006 3W-19L Missy Majerus
2004-2005 16W-12L Missy Majerus MCCC state touranment
2003-2004 8W-16L Mike Zachow
2002-2003 11W-15L Mike Zachow MCCC State Tournament
2001-2002 28W-3L Mike Zachow MCCC champions, Region 13b Champions, NJCAA Division III Runner's Up
2000-2001 9W-15L Mike Zachow
1999-2000 8W-15L Mike Zachow
1998-1999 8W-14L Mike Zachow
1997-1998 10W-18L Rick Nikunen
1996-1997 16W-8L Rick Nikunen
1995-1996 9W-13L Rick Nikunen
1994-1995 8W-15L Rick Nikunen
1993-1994 11W-14L Rick Nikunen
1992-1993 9W-13L Rick Nikunen
1991-1992 9W-13L Sue Barnd
1990-1991 11W-12L Sue Barnd
1989-1990 4W-15L Sue Barnd
1988-1989 10W-12L Kevin Stuckey
1987-1988 15W-7L Tom Neibauer
1986-1987 9W-10L Tom Neibauer
1985-1986 7W-15L Tom Neibauer
1984-1985 4W-12L Deb Jacobson
1983-1984 7W-12L Deb Jacobson
1982-1983 8W-11L Deb Jacobson
1981-1982 5W-15L Deb Jacobson
1980-1981 5W-15L Deb Jacobson
1979-1980 4W-16L Deb Jacobson
1978-1979 5W-15L Deb Jacobson
1977-1978 16W-6L Deb Jacobson
1976-1977 7W-10L Deb Jacobson
1975-1976 8W-6L Deb Jacobson
1974-1975 6W-6L Deb Jacobson


First Women's Basketball Game: December 18, 1974 (54-26 Loss to Brainerd)
First Coach: Deb Jacobson (1974-1985 12 Seasons)


First Team Members: Roya Hamidi, Dawn Shand, Sue Maijala, Diane Engel, Vera Grandstrand, Joy Stallock, Sheila Anderson, Sue Saurdiff, Sandy Anderson and Kim McDaniels. Team Manager: Millie Reierson

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