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Pioneer Classic High School Volleyball Tournament Sept. 28

Pioneer Classic Volleyball Schedule for Saturday, September 28th.

o Tournament Schedule
 After the first pool play matches are finished, all matches will start after the match being played is finished. Times listed below will be tentative so teams must be ready to play.
 All teams will be guaranteed 3 matches. Pool play games will be 3 games.
 Teams will get 20 minutes to warm up for the first games played. After the first games are played, teams will get 10 minutes to warm up and for tournament play teams will get 10 minutes to warm up.
 The tournament games will start a half hour after the last game is played.

Court 1 – Pool A Court 2 – Pool B

10:00 RLCC vs BGMR 10:00 Red Lake Falls vs Warren/Alvarado/Olso

11:30 Fertile/Beltrmi vs RLCC 11:30 Warren/Alvarado/Oslo vs Goodridge/Grygla

1:00 BGMR vs Fertile/Beltrami 1:00 Goodridge/Grygla vs Red Lake Falls

Tournament Schedule

Tournament games will start 30 minutes after the last pool play game.

Court 1: 3rd place game Court 2: 5th place game

Championship and 3rd place game will start immediately after first tournament games.

Court 1: Championship