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Criteria for Hall of Fame Induction

Criteria for induction to the Northland Athletic Hall of Fame shall be based upon a candidate's athletic and/or academic excellence or honorable and distinctive contributions to Northland Community & Technical College.

A. Student-Athlete

A student-athlete is eligible for nomination after fulfilling the following requirements:

  • A minimum of 5 years following the two year college athletic participation
  • A student-athlete must have achieved at least first team all-conference status for one season and completed their degree requirements.
  • Special consideration may be given by the committee in instances of a degree obtained at another institution.
  • A waiver may be given to those individuals who do not meet the above criteria. Two thirds of the vote by the committee will be needed to obtain said waiver.

B. Teams

A team may be nominated for induction based on extraordinary accomplishments such as:

  • NJCAA Championship
  • NJCAA Region XIII Championship
  • MCCC State Championship
  • MCCC Division Championship

C. Coach or Administrator

A coach or administrator is eligible based on:

  • Serving a minimum of five years and is no longer employed at Northland College.

D. Special Admittance

  • Special admittance will be made only in recognition of truly exceptional contributions and service to the athletic program at Northland College.

Nomination Information

  • Yearly nominations for Hall of Fame membership will be accepted and a maximum of three nominees per group will be considered for induction at yearly awards ceremony.
  • In any year when nominations exceed the allowable inductees, nominees with the earliest dates of participation or service shall be given first preference.
  • Any nominees that are not selected will automatically be considered for three years, after which they must be re-nominated if not selected.
  • Nominations received after April 15th will be considered for the following year.
  • There are no restrictions on who may submit a nomination, but an individual must be nominated by someone other than himself or herself, and all nominations must be signed.
  • Nominations must contain a rationale for consideration.
  • The Northland College Athletic staff will gather and verify information on each qualified nominee and present it to the committee for review.