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Pioneer Football

MCAC Northern Division Conference

Team History

Season Record Coach Accomplishments
2017 9W-3L Jim Cox MCAC State Champions, Region XIII Champions, Graphic Edge Bowl
2016 5W-4L Jim Cox MCAC Playoffs Quarterfinals
2015 2W-6L Travis Martin
2013 7W-3L Merle Johnson Northern Division Champions, MCAC State Semi-Final
2012 6W-4L Merle Johnson MCAC Playoffs Semi-Finals
2011 7W-4L Merle Johnson Northern Division Champions, MCAC Playoffs Runner-up
2010 6W-4L Guy Finstrom/Toni Wiseth MCAC Playoffs Semi-Finals
2009 3W-6L Guy Finstrom  
2008 0W-9L Guy Finstrom  
2007 6W-4L Guy Finstrom  
2006 7W-3L Guy Finstrom MCCC State Playoffs
2005 4W-5L Guy Finstrom  
2004 1W-7L Guy Finstrom  
2003 4W-5L Guy Finstrom  
2002 9W-3L Guy Finstrom Northern Division Champions, State Runner Up, Grapic Edge Bowl
2001 5W-5L Guy Finstrom MCCC Playoffs
2000 6W-6L Dan Willoughby Northern Division Champions
1999 Dan Willoughby Northern Division Champions
1998 Dan Willoughby
1997 2W-6L Gene Klinke
1996 2W-6L Gene Klinke
1995 3W-5L Gene Klinke
1994 5W-3L Gene Klinke
1993 6W-2L Gene Klinke Northern Division Champions
1992 5W-3L Gene Klinke
1991 Rick Nelson
1990 Rick Nelson
1989 Rick Nelson
1988 Rick Nelson
1987 Rick Nelson
1986 Rick Nelson Northern Division Champions
1985 Rick Nelson
1984 Rick Nelson
1983 John Helley
1982 John Helley
1981 John Helley
1980 John Helley
1979 Irv Smith
1978 Irv Smith
1977 Chet Engelman
1976 Chet Engelman