Warroad Site

Warroad Site

Starting Aug 22, 2022, Northland will bring higher education options to Warroad, MN, using innovative curriculum and delivery options.

A new Northland site for new-age learning

Advanced Resource Center

Northland is responding to the growing need for manufacturing professionals in the region by bringing educational and training opportunities right to your doorstep at the Advanced Resource Center for Innovation & Education, the ARC, in Warroad, MN. The ARC features flexible environments that allow for a mix of active learning and small group work. Labs will be technology-rich, reflecting those of modern manufacturing facilities. The new facility will be a welcoming and accessible setting ensuring you get the most out of your education with Northland.

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Warroad Site Programs

Programs Driven to Make You Workforce Ready.

Northwest Minnesota is a powerhouse for manufacturing and innovation, and the need for working professionals with dynamic and modern skillsets is at an all-time high. To help meet that need, Northland brings cutting-edge programming to help advance the region’s workforce and aid in the creation of new career opportunities.


Mechatronics combines mechanical systems, computer, electrical, and control systems. These are the heartbeat of advanced manufacturing, and jobs are waiting for technology-savvy people. Northland's program is flexible--expand your skill-set by taking one course, work on a certificate, or go for an Associate's Degree in Mechatronics.

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Competency-Based Education

From the working professional to a recent high school grad to the at-home tinkerer -- Competency-Based Education is for everyone.

Life is hectic. Taking classes on campus while working full-time and balancing family and other obligations can be intimidating or sometimes impossible. Northland Competency-Based Education (CBE) courses at Warroard offer a flexible schedule with a blend of online materials and hands-on flex labs. Work on class materials online anywhere, and utilize the Flex Labs during a variety of daytime and evening hours. There is no set class time. You pick the hours that work best for your schedule.

Northland CBE courses at Warroard can help the do-it-yourselfer learn skills to complete projects at home, help the first-time student ease into college, and the workforce professional upskill to advance their career. Take one class or several—it’s up to you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

In case you missed anything.

When will the Northland location in Warroad start offering classes?

Northland will host its first classes in Warroad in January, 2022. Students may apply for admission to the college at anytime then identify a start date through consultation with the instructor. Northland is accepting applications now for this program.

What courses or programs will be offered in Warroad?

In January of 2022, Northland is launching a Mechatronics program in Warroad. Students will go through the Admissions process, then consult with the instructor to identify the course(s) required to fulfill individual educational goals.

Who can take classes in Warroad?

This location is open to individuals interested in pursuing a technical career or individuals who are already employed and would like additional skills to advance in their career.

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